Sunday, August 26, 2007

Game 131: I Almost Feel Bad (almost)

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 11, Chicago White Sox 1

Was this like taking candy from a baby? Not really. It was more like taking candy from a baby, then beating up the baby’s dad right in front of the play pen and nailing his mother on the jungle-gym just for fun. This was a pants down spanking. A brutal butt kicking with some embarrassment sauce. Every Red Sox hitter was firing on all cylinders and kept the dominance that was rolling all weekend. 4 win sweep, 10+ runs in every game and 46 total. I mean the White Sox are BAD… but the credit has to go to the Red Sox bats. I mean EVERYONE has been hitting well. Papi, Pedroia, Drew, Kielty, Theo and the hotdog vender hit like gangbusters in this assault on Chicago. To put this beating into perspective, the last time the Sox had an offensive explosion like this was in the 1950’s.

With all these runs (46!! Ha Ha) it’s easy to lose track of what the pitching has done. Tavarez has been crazy good (and just plain crazy) for this team. His 6 awesome innings killed any chance that this DISMAL White Sox team could crawl back into this game. They never had a chance with J.T. Killer and the bullpen super crew running things. MDC (good), Gagne (better), Papelbon (masterful). I mean come ON! Paps in an 11 run game? That’s like using a rocket launcher to swat a fly. He struck out the side just to put the final touch on this crap fest.

This was a great warm up for the Yankees this week. It was like playing a junior varsity team right before you play the state champs. Oh, and those champs? Well, they lost their game with the Tigers and now sit a cozy 7.5 games back. With the Sox having an off day on Monday and the Yankees finishing off their series in Detroit, we could be 8 games up before the Yankees even throw a pitchI hope we can have that 11 game back lead by the end of the week. So much for the sky falling.