Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Game 100

Final Score:

Postponed in the 3rd inning because of rain calls this rainout a blessing, since Wakefield was scored off of four times in two innings and the Sox were down to Lopez, who is 3 - 0 against them this year. Of course, the rainout happened right after the Sox had scored two runs, so that statement could be a bit off, but giving Wakefield the rest probably isn't too bad of an idea. Of course, the Yankees and A's both happened to win last night...but that's what makeups are for. Francona wants a doubleheader to make it up at the end of the season - I say that's fine, as long as he takes it seriously this time.

In other news, don't jinx it yet, but Ramiro Mendoza has pitched four scoreless innings in a row and is now 1 - 0. Maybe, just maybe this is one of those long term investments stock brokers like to do. With a really long maturing time. Give it time, but we might just be saying, "Jose Contreras, eat your heart out." YANKEES SUCK!