Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Game 91

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 4, Seattle Mariners 8

Dear Messrs. Foulk and Leskanic (and to a lesser extent, Embree): way to blow it. I stayed up until 1:45 on a work night because I was pretty sure our *world class* bullpen could hold a 4 - 1 lead, but you certainly proved me wrong, didn't you. To the Sox offense, with the exclusion of Mr. Varitek: way to not get runs and support your pitcher, who did a stellar job last night. Missed chances against the Mariners, for chrissake. You guys can do better than this and you missed a chance to get a game on both the A's and the Yankees with that loss last night. And finally, to Mr. Arroyo: after a record twelve strikeouts and two excellent, nearly scoreless outings, it looks like the Sox might have finally found their fifth starter. Keep it up...you rock.

I hate the West Coast. Actually, I don't hate the West Coast specifically, just its time zone. Staying up that late for a loss does not make me a happy camper and I'm not pleased that today's "early" game isn't starting until 4:35 Eastern today, when I'm already about to leave for the evening (and go enjoy Kiss and Poison in NJ...I feel like such a stereotype). Also, anyone with the last name of Boone should just die now and get it out of the way before I kill you. YANKEES SUCK!