Thursday, July 22, 2004

Game 94

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 3, Baltimore Orioles 8

Hey Terry Francona: you're a FUCKING MORON. This is not a GODDAMNED EXHIBITION don't NOT PLAY YOUR BEST PLAYER, bring in a FUCKING ROOKIE PITCHER STRAIGHT FROM AA TO PITCH, bring RAMIRO "I'M A WORTHLESS EXCUSE FOR A PITCHER" MENDOZA AS A STOPPER and expect to WIN A GODDAMNED BALLGAME. For chrissake, these are the FUCKING BALTIMORE "SIXTEEN-AND-A-FUCKING-HALF-GAMES-BACK" ORIOLES. And another thing: pick a fucking lineup and positions AND STICK WITH IT. I'm sorry your players keep getting hurt...I really am, because it's clearly fucking up this team's momentum. But you know what? FUCKING AROUND WITH THE LINEUP EVERY GODDAMNED DAY IS NOT GOING TO GET YOUR PLAYERS INTO A GOOD GROOVE. I hope they fucking fire your ass. And you know what? If Theo Epstein agrees with your cockass way of managing, he should be fired too. End of story. It's only 4:00 and I feel like I need a drink. Thanks guys.