Friday, July 09, 2004

Game 83

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 8, Oakland Athletics 7

It was like last year all over again, down to a shaky performance by the pitching staff and a thrilling victory in extra innings, courtesy of Bill Mueller. I, unfortunately, was not able to listen to the game (apparently trying to listen to the Red Sox in the Bronx crashes Internet Explorer) and I had turned Gameday off because I kept staring at Nikki's computer - Mueller hit his double while I was getting destroyed in Super Smash Brothers on Nintendo 64. I watched it this morning on (thank God for streaming video feeds) and it was definitely quite thrilling - winning two out of three is nice, but a sweep is that much nicer, especially since it gives us the tie for first place in the wildcard. Unfortunately, all of the other bad guys (Yankees, Rangers and White Sox) all won last night, but keeping pace is still good.

Tonight we've got young Bronson Arroyo trying to get his first win of the season, going up against Texas and Joaquin Benoit. Taking a look at the pitchers' splits on ESPN, they seem to have about an equal chance in this one. Both teams have excellent offensive capabilities, but the Sox do have homefield advantage...I have my hopes. YANKEES SUCK!