Friday, July 02, 2004

Game 77

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 4, New York Yankees 5

Me to Robin on the phone, postgame: "Robin, why does God hate us?" What a game. A thirteen inning, heart-breaking slog. But this isn't one that can be really be blamed on anything except a curse. Sure, there were numerous scoring chances that the Red Sox could have acted on and failed and maybe Leskanic shouldn't have pitched to Cairo in the thirteenth after giving up a triple to him in the twelfth, but the Yankees weren't any luckier in their scoring - until the end. And they left twelve men on base to our nine. It still hurts though.

Ready for the optimist? Maybe this game is the turning point of this awful, awful month of baseball. Sure, it was a game worthy of the Kardiac Kids and we're now eight and a half games out of first place, but at least the Sox really seemed to put their hearts into winning this game. Maybe Francona will finally acquire the set of cojones he needs to run this club properly.

Of note: looking pathetic apparently does work sometimes. My girfriend the Yankees fan felt so bad for me and my plight that she wore The Hat for most of the evening (from the 4th inning or so on). The last time she did this was at the end of May and the Red Sox came back from a deficit and McCarty hit the walkoff homerun to beat the Athletics in Game 50. Alan called me at the end of the twelfth and asked me why I wasn't watching the game on YES (I told him I didn't want to jinx anything) - Nikki (the girlfriend) heard me talking about it and turned the TV on anyway, right after Manny hit the homerun to make it four to three. Besides the end of the game, I also had the privilege of watching Nomar be the only player NOT standing on the dugout rail for the end of the game. Clearly there's a bit speculation about his future next year and he didn't play tonight - I've started to wonder if he'll finish out the season in Boston. Something must be wrong with me, but YANKEES SUCK!