Thursday, July 29, 2004

Game 100a

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 1, Baltimore Orioles 4

For whatever reason, no-name pitcher Dave Borkowski decides to have a career night *last* night of all nights...and the Sox woes versus the Orioles this year continue. Schilling pitched decently (four runs on seven hits in seven innings) although he made mistakes twice to Javy Lopez, who hit two homeruns. David Ortiz kept the game from being a shuttout by hitting a solo shot in the ninth. Personally, I was distracted for most of the game, mainly by my roomate's cat, who seemed to be hitting the crack pipe particularly hard last night. Oakland won, but Toronto managed to beat the Yankees, who go off to face Baltimore tonight. Maybe the Orioles will screw them up too, although this year Baltimore hasn't been the Yankee-killing team they were last year. Meh. Still no final word on the David Ortiz suspension, or what disciplinary action will be handed down for the fight on Saturday. YANKEES SUCK!