Thursday, July 22, 2004

Games 92 and 93

Game 92: Boston Red Sox 9, Seattle Mariners 7
Game 93: Boston Red Sox 5, Baltimore Orioles 10

Man, I am out of it. I missed Tuesday's game because of the aforementioned concert, but apparently the Sox managed to get a big lead and just barely hold onto it, courtesy of our exhausted bullpen. Last night I was up in the Bronx, where ESPN's Wednesday Night Baseball logically does not broadcast the Red Sox broadcasts Texas vs. Anaheim. Apparently, though, if I had been in Brooklyn, it would have been the Red Sox. No, I don't understand either, unless ESPN thinks they'll get higher ratings for on two teams most Bronxites could care less about rather than one they actively dislike. In any case, Pedro had an excellent night turn into an awful one, the Sox didn't hit enough to make up for it (although Kapler apparently had a pretty good night both in the field and at the plate) and the outfield allowed an inside-the-park homerun by doing a three person relay to the plate. Again, I don't understand either.

Micah, Yankee fan extraordinaire (who owns a David Ortiz shirt, now...I have hope for him yet) seems to feel that picking up a game on the Yankees this week and then sweeping them this weekend might give the Sox a shot at first, but I've really resigned myself to a ninth year of wildcard competition. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Of course, I might not feel this way if the Sox weren't continuing to play like it was June. At least they're spliting the series instead of losing them...feh.

In other news, Pokey Reese is on the 15 day DL for straining his ribs. Since Nomar some rest as well (why is everyone on this damn team hurt all the time?), the Sox have picked up Ricky Gutierrez to serve as yet another utility infielder who can be switched as needed. I don't wonder if part of this team's problem is that even when they aren't hurt, they're wondering where they're going to playing that day. I see Kevin Youkilis is back up, Bill Mueller was playing second yesterday...the team seems to be scrambling right now. Doubleheader today versus Baltimore - Wakefield is tonight, but this afternoon we have Abe Alvarez, fresh from AA Portland. Not nervous about this at, not at all. YANKEES SUCK!