Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Games 78 - 80

Final Scores:

Game 78: Boston Red Sox 3, Atlanta Braves 6
Game 79: Boston Red Sox 6, Atlanta Braves 1
Game 80: Boston Red Sox 4, Atlanta Braves 10

Losing a series to the Atlanta Braves. They're pathetic, guys. Just remember that. The really high note of this weekend was Schilling's awesome complete game on Saturday. Coming after two disappointing extra-innings loses in two different cities that completely wiped out the bullpen, it was that much better that Schilling could step up and carry the game like that. I watched the beginning and end of that one in two different bars in Boston and the feeling in the air at the end of the game was really more of relief than anything else. Of course, as my friend Dave put it that night, Schilling can't pitch every day - as Lowe went on to prove on Sunday by completely falling apart in the fifth inning. He lost to Mark Hampton, of all people! Hampton is pathetic! Feh. On a brighter note, the day of rest seems to have done Nomar some good - he's gone 7 for 11 since Thursday. Now the Sox spend the next two series at home, perhaps deciding the fate of the AL West as they play Oakland and Texas. That wildcard thing kinda depends on series like these, guys, especially since you couldn't be bothered to make up more than a game (now a half game because of the Yankees' start yesterday) on the three Yankee loses over the weekend.

I also want to note the end of the Eric Gagne save streak, after 84 games. A pretty incredible accomplishment - I wonder if he'll get back on track and start an even longer one this time, or if the Dodgers will change his role so that he gets more playing time and becomes a factor in more games. YANKEES SUCK!