Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Games 88 - 90

Final Scores:

Boston Red Sox 4, Anaheim Angels 2
Boston Red Sox 3, Anaheim Angels 8
Boston Red Sox 6, Anaheim Angels 2

A split makes this weekend a lot more satisfying than it was looking on Friday. Pedro was top notch, Schilling was excellent and has apparently recovered enough in the foot to stop taking numbing drugs, Wakefield may be hurt after having been hit in the arm on Saturday and had another poor outing and the Sox did the standard hitting when they're hitting, they're really hitting and when they're not, they're not. Manny was out for most of the weekend with tight hamstrings, but he's back tonight (more on that tomorrow). The big news, of the weekend, however, was David Ortiz.

I did not have a chance to listen to or watch Friday's game (of course), but from talking to Robin and reading Ian Browne's article on RedSox.com (check the top for the excellent picture of Ortiz charging Francona into the umpire), it seems that homeplate umpire Matt Hollowell's strikezone was diagonally-shaped, leading to frustrations for Martinez, Varitek, Garciaparra (who never complains about strike calls) and David "Poppy" Ortiz. David Ortiz seems to have a permanent smile on his face - it's part of the reason he's my favorite player. Thus, to turn Ortiz into a raving, bat throwing madman, one would imagine that the umpire was a bit of a screwup, bringing down the wrath of the gods, so to speak. Of course, that won't do the Sox much good if Ortiz gets a suspension for tossing bats out and charging an umpire after his ejection. There's been no announcement on what the league's decision is yet, so we'll have to wait and see. YANKEES SUCK!